Flavia Lopez

Title(s) you are permitted to use (in country where degree was earned):

Gestalt Counsellour and Family Mediator

Degree (s) & Country in which degree(s) was/were obtained:

Gestalt Counselling,

Languages spoken (in therapy):

English, Italian, French

Are you LGBTQ and wish to be identified as such?


Clinic Address:

135 Rue D'Alesia, Paris





Description, therapeutic skills, etc. :

What is the Gestalt?

- Gestalt is a German term which means ‘whole’ involving a holistic approach to the person and a phenomenological method of awareness. In Gestalt therapy the focus is not only on the individual but on how we interact with others.

- Gestalt therapists look at the network of relationships that we function in and believe that it is only possible for us to understand ourselves in relation to the people around us.

- Gestalt is focused on present moment and how people are feeling and behaving right now rather than on how they have felt or behaved in the past, or how they might feel or behave in the future. A key part of the therapeutic approach of Gestalt is the use of ‘experiments’. This often takes the form of testing out different thoughts and ideas to see what impact they have. This is achieved thanks to the cycle of contact, also called the wheel of needs, which helps the person to become aware of needs and dynamics in life.

-focus on emotions and needs
-no judgement
-focus on personal narration
-holistic approach
-meditation, relaxation, visualization
-mindfulness activities
-music, art, dance--> non verbal communication
-circle time
-groupe de parole

Specializations (i.e., ADHD, substance use):

Gestalt Counsellour
Family Mediator
Couple therapy
BFRP (Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner) - Bach Remedies - Fleuritherapie de Bach
Art Therapy

Populations/Modalities (i.e., individual, couple):

individual and group sessions
workshops on Bach remedies, study of character, communication
gestalt workshops
mindfulness activities with children at school
coaching in companies
family constellations
art and music therapy

Additional Training Certificates (i.e., EMDR):

Enneagram Certificate practitioner
Creative learning techniques
Healing with music - la 'taranta' music and dance therapy

Professional Memberships:

BFRP (Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner), Bach Centre, UK
AIMEF - gestalt family mediator, Italy

Third Party Payments Accepted:



SIRET: 83793003100021