Sacha Lajer

Title(s) you are permitted to use (in country where degree was earned):


Degree (s) & Country in which degree(s) was/were obtained:

Master Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis, Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (INLPTA), Practioner in Neurotherapy and Spiritual Hypnosis,

Languages spoken (in therapy):

English, French

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Clinic Address:

Centre Paramédical 46 Blvd Excelmans 75016 Paris, Centre Rive Gauche de la Dynamique Émotionnelle 20 rue du General Bertrand 75007 Paris





Description, therapeutic skills, etc. :

Ericksonian Hypnosis (suggestion therapy) for inner transformation

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, tapping) for emotional well-being, goal setting, motivation, etc.

Specializations (i.e., ADHD, substance use):

Helping teenagers and adults build and solidify self-esteem and confidence as lack of either are often at the root of what people are struggling with.

Populations/Modalities (i.e., individual, couple):

Teenagers and adults dealing with diverse issues such as lack of self-esteem, confidence, self-acceptance, concentration, insomnia, weight loss, mental blocks to success and moving forward to achieving goals, stress management, public speaking, smoking cessation, etc. Hypnotherapy is a tool to lasting life change.

Additional Training Certificates (i.e., EMDR):

Spiritual Hypnosis (Past lives and between lives regression)

RITMO (inspired by EMDR) for treatment of trauma

Professional Memberships:

Syndicat National des Hypnothérapeutes

Third Party Payments Accepted:

Invoice which can be sent to "mutuelle"


Métro : Excelmans or DUROC

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No wheelchair accessibility for the moment
SIRET: 51761754400013