Dr. Philippe Wuyts

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Degree (s) & Country in which degree(s) was/were obtained:

MD - General adult Psychiatry, Belgium,

Languages spoken (in therapy):

English - French - Dutch

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Clinic Address:

140 Avenue Victor Hugo,





Description, therapeutic skills, etc. :

Dr Philippe Wuyts has particular expertise in the treatment of
- affective and stress related disorders (adjustment disorders, mild depressive and anxiety disorders, burn-out)
- major mental health disorders (major depressive disorders, bipolar disorders, OCD, substance abuse and addiction, psychotic disorders)
- emerging mental disorders and differential diagnostics in adolescents and young adults

Dr Philippe Wuyts trained in all major subdisciplines of general adult psychiatry at the prestigious University Hospitals Leuven and at the University Psychiatric Centre KU Leuven, Belgium and at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King’s College London, UK. Dr Philippe Wuyts applies a modern, integrative, humanist and evidence-based approach in his daily practice, with inclusion of some aspects of existential psychotherapy, logo therapy, phenomenology and contemplative practice and with great respect to each person’s unique subjective experiences, values and objectives. Consultations are constituted around an open dialogue aimed to establish a joint collaboration towards reaching recovery.

Specializations (i.e., ADHD, substance use):

Dr Philippe Wuyts is a medical doctor and specialist psychiatrist. He trained in medecine and general adult psychiatry at KU Leuven, Belgium and King’s College London, UK.

Populations/Modalities (i.e., individual, couple):

Adolescents from 15y onwards

Additional Training Certificates (i.e., EMDR):


Professional Memberships:

Belgium - Orde der artsen, nr 00047, since 07-07-2006
France - Ordre des médecins, nr 81456, since 08-07-20013

Third Party Payments Accepted:

Consultations with Dr Philippe Wuyts are (partially to fully) reimbursed by all major international medical insurance companies. Dr Philippe Wuyts is a preferred provider with HTH and Geoblue and also with several Embassies.


Office is located at the ground floor level.