Albana Canollari-Baze

Title(s) you are permitted to use (in country where degree was earned):

Doctor of Philosophy

Degree (s) & Country in which degree(s) was/were obtained:

PhD, orientation Psychology of Culture; Masters in Research in Psychology, Bachelor in Psychology,
United Kingdom

Languages spoken (in therapy):

English; Albanian

Are you LGBTQ and wish to be identified as such?


Clinic Address:

3 Rue Lhuillier


06 16 31 12 32



Description, therapeutic skills, etc. :

In my 10 years of teaching psychology, leading Academic counseling centers at various universities and researching migratory experiences, I have build skills in offering confidential psychological support to young adults-students mainly- in their journey of pursuing academic degrees. I obtained my PhD from Oxford Brookes University, specializing in psychology of culture and migration. I completed my Bachelor in Psychology and Masters in Research in Psychology from the same academic institution, focusing my research on the cultural identity of students studying abroad.

I am a professor of psychology at Schiller International University in Paris as well as adjunct professor at New York University in Tirana. My professional drive is to expand my career in offering psychological support to students undergoing socio-cultural change due to moving away from their homes, in teaching psychology at all academic levels, as well as in conducting migration research. Combining counseling with teaching and research has lead me to better understand the processes young adults go through especially during their studies.

During my years of teaching to university students and running support centers I have gained skills in understanding the underlying psychological processes experienced by young adults. I have offered psychological support to students undergoing academic challenges due to personal and social problems as well as exploring learning difficulties which they never knew they had. The ongoing individual and group counseling sessions move students from that dark place of lost belief in pursuing academic degrees to fully achieving success resulting in smooth transition to the job market.

Apart from personal worries, some of the main areas which students face during their time at university are:

Low self-esteem; Anxiety; Peer conflict; Stress; Isolation; Cultural shock; Opposing identity; Time management; Adopting different learning styles; Lack of study, presentation and public speaking skills; Reading strategies and taking notes techniques; Test taking and performance anxiety; Researching and writing skills; Preparing for conferences, internships and workshops; Compiling a curriculum vitae and facing first job interview.

In addition, I have experience in counseling women undergoing sexual abuse and trauma at Oxford Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Center and in helping children of parents in distress at Family Nurturing Network, in Oxford, UK.

I conduct counseling in English and Albanian. I am flexible in my techniques and generally adapt a positive person centered approach. Because my service is dedicated to young adults and students, I offer support at reasonable price.

Specializations (i.e., ADHD, substance use):

Cultural shock; Identity crisis and integration; Academic challenges; Sexual abuse of women;

Populations/Modalities (i.e., individual, couple):

Young adults

Additional Training Certificates (i.e., EMDR):


Professional Memberships:

Albanian Code of Psychologists
Albanian Sociological Association
Previously member of British Psychological Society

Third Party Payments Accepted: