Jonathan Benelbaz

Title(s) you are permitted to use (in country where degree was earned):


Degree (s) & Country in which degree(s) was/were obtained:


Languages spoken (in therapy):

English, Spanish, Swedish, French

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Clinic Address:

47 rue de Fessart





Description, therapeutic skills, etc. :

As a Clinical Psychologist I have experience in coaching and counseling, through my private practice and institutional work.

I have French and Swedish citizenship, grew up in Sweden and have lived in Spain, Canada, USA and France. Apart from English and French I also conduct counseling in Swedish and Spanish.

I am a registered Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist. I have two Master’s degrees, both in Clinical Psychology and Human Resources Management.

I have also worked several years with Human Resources Management in several multinational companies in France and the US. My experience from various countries has provided me with the ability to apply different work methods in my practice with clients and patients. Therefore, I may apply different methods from time to time. For instance, I may alternate between a more psycho-dynamic approach and other methods more related to Cognitive behavioral therapy, centers on « here and now ».

However, the specificity of my work method is that you as an individual always remain in focus.

Anyway, my conviction is that each difficult experience may be transformed into a resource that can be used in order to conduct transformation.

You may contact me if you wish to confront various difficulties in your life. For example, you:

- feel anxious i general

- wish to transform a situation you feel is being a failure. This situation may be related to your interpersonal relationships, both on a romantic-, friendship or work-related level.

-need support to improve your self-esteem

-are in a cross-road with one or several difficult decisions to make

-need some short- or long-term support (for example grief, sadness or depression)

- wish to improve your potential in your work

- are curious about exploring more about who you are

Specializations (i.e., ADHD, substance use):

Professional coaching
Low self esteem
Couples therapy

Populations/Modalities (i.e., individual, couple):

Additional Training Certificates (i.e., EMDR):

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Certificate
Systemic therapy Certification - University of Bath

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SIRET: 788 424 745 00016
ADELI: 75 93 3834 6