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Don’t feel obligated to choose the first counsellor or psychotherapist you see. The most important thing is that you feel completely comfortable with whomever you work with, so if you don’t feel relaxed with someone you have a session with, don’t feel obligated to continue. And don’t be put off the idea of therapy if you have a negative experience – Simply come back to the website, and look for another therapist!

*Please be aware that correspondence does not, in and of itself, suggest or imply a professional relationship of any kind. Correspondence is not confidential, nor is it covered under applicable laws of confidentiality or relevant ethics codes unless a professional relationship has been previously established.

If you or someone you know is feeling suicidal or have feelings of wanting to harm themselves or someone else, please contact your local emergency services. Professionals listed in this directory do not offer crisis intervention or emergency services via Skype, email, or telephone.